Takamaz CNC Lathes


IMS represents Takamaz CNC precision lathes in Illinois. Takamaz is Japan’s leader in high quality automated and multi-axis turning centers. Takamaz offers a complete line single spindle and dual spindle CNC Lathes which are ideal for medium to high production of small to large parts. Takamaz has been building CNC lathes in their Japanese production plants since 1976 and has since built over 30,000 lathes. The Takamaz product line has over 20 models to choose from including gang style, turret, single spindle, dual spindle, live tooling, sub-spindle, and more. Takamaz excels at reviewing a customer’s application and providing a standard or customized solution to meet your manufacturing requirements; from simple to complex parts we can produce your high quality parts in a shorter amount of time. If accuracy and productivity is what your job demands then Takamaz is sure to have the machine for you.