SNK-Niigata -Nissin Machining Centers

NiigataHN800IMS represents NIIGATA Horizontal Machining Centers in the Illinois-Chicagoland area. Niigata is the premier builder of 50 Taper Horizontal Machining Centers from 630mm to 1.6M.  They specializes in the production of large scale machine tools which are used to machine parts for the aerospace, transportation, agriculture and energy industries.  Niigata machines are designed and built with Japanese technology and quality. IMS sales representatives will assist in choosing the best type of Niigata machine to meet your needs. Additionally, Niigata provides ongoing training and education programs at their tech center located nearby Elk Grove Village IL. These programs are machine/industry specific to help our customers improve productivity. Niigata has 1,000s of successful installations across the U.S. market and proven support to deliver the best solution for your manufacturing needs.
  •  500mm - 1.6M BoxWay Horizontal Machining Centers
  •  500mm - 800mm LinearWay Horizontal Machining Centers
  •  5-Axis Horizontal Machining Centers
  •  U-Axis Horizontal Machining Centers
  •  Boring Bar Machines