Schaudt Custom Cylindrical Grinders


IMS represents SCHAUDT custom cylindrical grinders in lllinois and Indiana.  SCHAUDT machines provide advanced technological solutions for cylindrical, and non-circular grinding applications which are commonly used in the automotive, mechanical engineering, and roll manufacturing industries. As technology leader, SCHAUDT specializes in external cylindrical and non-round grinding machines and systems for grinding crankshafts, camshafts or gear shafts. Machines are available as stand alone systems, fully automatic grinding systems (including loaders & measuring systems) or for the integration into assembly lines. SCHAUDT grinders are made at their state of the art modern factory located in Leipzig, Germany. These high grinders are known for their quality and precision.


SCHAUDT machine beds use Granitan material for the machine bed. This material possesses excellent damping characteristics and high thermal stability. This is a big advantage when machining workpieces with high quality requirements.


Temporary temperature fluctuations are extensively compensated and a high tolerance holding capacity can be guaranteed throughout the day. The guide system for the machine's flexible cross slide is formed directly in the machine bed. The guideways offer the highest possible accuracy through the entire speed range with high load capacity and cushioning levels. No additional special foundation is required, thanks to the high rigidity of the machine bed.