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Mikrosa Kronos Grinders


IMS represents MIKROSA grinders in Illinois and Indiana. Mikrosa is known as a world leader in centerless grinding. MIKROSA’s Kronos line combines precision and high productivity in a single machine and its design allows the centerless grinder to be optimally adapted to any grinding task. The Kronos line is an innovative centerless grinding system that excels at reducing processing times as well as changeover times. MIKROSA can handle your most demanding in-feed or through-feed applications and we are able to use conventional or super abrasives (CBN/Diamond). The Kronos machine is perfect for a variety of workpieces; such as jet needles, valves, journals gear and electric motor shafts. The machines are designed and built in a state of the art modern factory located in Leipzig, Germany. The machine base use Granitan material for the machine bed. This material possesses excellent damping characteristics and the highest thermal stability. MIKROSA modular design means that automation can easily be tailored to your grinding task.

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