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IMS works as a solution provider by providing factory automation systems from the industry’s leading providers. Our engineers can provide turnkey manufacturing solutions by implementing the latest factory automation systems with your metal cutting machinery resulting in maximum part productivity. We provide the following types of automation products: robots, gantry loaders, material handling, welding, inspection, and deburring/polishing systems. For more information fill out the form.



IMS offers both made to order custom solutions and also has a variety of cost effective standard solutions.  The Halter LoadAssistant is a simple, fully configured FANUC robotic system that can be easily connected to any new or existing CNC machine.  This unit comes with very easy software to program and set-up your parts.  Also, you can be setting up batches of other parts while the unit is loading it's current batch and this system does not take away access from your machine making manual loading or set-up still user friendly.



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